In order to overcome writers block, I set out to write the biggest load of garbage known to mankind.

I started a timer on my phone for 3 minutes, and just wrote whatever came into my head. (I have now decided to up this to 5 minutes as of 07/09/2019). I continued to do this several times, and realised pretty quickly that I came to love the two characters I had created.

Originally, I created a wordpress site called unblockmywriting and posted most of this on there. However, I promptly forgot the login details, resulting in that site still being live to this day. I will not forget those details this time.

I will keep adding new parts to this whenever I can, but bear in mind, this is not meant to be taken seriously. I am simply writing whatever crap pops into my head. Again, DO NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY.

Start here.

You may also use the “Table of Contents” link above, to take you to any part you wish. Enjoy!

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